How to Write Enduring Issues Essay

How to Write Enduring Issues Essay

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Before looking into writing an essay on enduring issues, you need to know what “enduring issues” are in the first place. Enduring issues are challenges or problems that society has faced over a long period.

These challenges have been debated and challenged by society, but to no avail or varying levels of success.

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For instance, one of the enduring issues that have been talked about a lot today is Inequality. It’s become a hot topic with people focusing on wealth inequality and racial inequality as well.

An essay on enduring issues might not be easy to write as it can invoke emotion in you and your peers as well. Here are some tips to help guide you when writing an essay on enduring issues.

Tips on How to Write an Essay on Enduring Issues

1. Select the right topic

Let’s start by assuming that you don’t have a topic. The first step would be to make sure that you select one. The right topic is one that can keep your readers interested and is easy to research online and in books. It will help guide your enduring issues essay intro.

The topic doesn’t need to be controversial. In fact, avoid controversial topics as it might invoke unnecessary arguments. Your enduring issues topic needs to be easy to back with supporting evidence throughout your essay.

For instance, a good topic you could select is income inequality as it’s a hot button topic with plenty of books & papers on the matter.

Even Democratic candidates in the US election have made it a huge part of their campaign. It’s a topic that’ll definitely pick the interest of your teacher.

2. Get your points across respectfully

You’d never imagine being respectful as something to think about when writing an essay, but considering the subject matter, there’s a clear need for it.

Essays on enduring issues tend to invoke emotion, especially when the readers can relate to it. You need to try not to place your arguments or points on a broad brush.

Don’t make generalizing statements about a certain group of people and don’t attack anyone or a group of people in your essay.

For instance, if you’re writing about the illegal immigrant issue in some countries don’t simply state “all the people in other parts of the world are poor and that’s why they want to enter there for better opportunities.” This statement would be disrespectful as it has painted all other people from different parts of the world a broad brush and attacked them by labeling with negative characteristics.

You need to choose your words carefully and clarify your point. For instance, you can say “the economic conditions in some parts of the world are not favorable and that’s why the people there look for better opportunities elsewhere. The modern world is a global village and people can move anywhere through legal means.”

There are many different and better ways to get your point across; all you need to do is choose your words carefully.

3. Make your essay convincing

When writing an essay about enduring issues, you’re writing an argumentative essay where you’re trying to get the point across. Your point about a possible solution to a problem. Your goal is to convince the reader that you have a solution.

You can convince your readers by avoiding bias and using supporting evidence. Let’s start with supporting evidence.

The need for supporting evidence is the reason your instructor pushes for citation in essay assignments. These citations help back your arguments and show the logic behind them.

Always include citations to work that opposes your viewpoint as well. This makes your work more balanced as it shows that you have looked at both sides of the coin. Bonus points if you’re able to form a strong counter-argument to those viewpoints that are opposite to yours.

A more difficult thing to do is to avoid bias. We’re all human and our experiences and upbringing form our biases and viewpoints on certain issues. Keeping your bias in check is easier said than done, but try. Doing so will ensure you provide a well-rounded essay on the topic.

4. Originality is the key

This has nothing to do with plagiarism. No plagiarism should always be your policy when writing any work. The components looked at here is the contents and idea behind your argument.

Many students tend to grab the low hanging fruit as it’s easier and quicker to get. The arguments they use in their enduring issues essay outline are ones repeated over and over again. This is okay to do, but it might not result in you getting the best grade.

If your instructor has given you free rein on the topic, then take a different angle from the norm.

For instance, instead of just talking about income inequality, you can narrow the topic and talk about “How income inequality has affected the white community in the US.” Not only is this different, but it’s also not as common as many people focus on income inequality as it relates to minority communities.

5. Proofread your work

The final thing to always do with any written work, not only an academic essay is to proofread and edit your work.

An essay with a lack of proper sentence structure, littered with grammar and spelling errors will not support your argument well. Once you’re done with your essay, take some time to relax and let the enduring issue essay cool down.

Get back to it later, read it and clean up areas that don’t sound right. If you don’t want to do this, get services online that can assist you with this part of the process.


Enduring issues essays are some of the best to write. They give you the opportunity to debate and share your ideas with your peers and instructor as well.

To get your point across, you need to make sure that all your arguments are backed by supporting evidence. Also, remember to be respectful. It’ll show maturity and understanding of the subject matter.

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