How to Write Essay on Fears

How to Write Essay on Fears

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Everyone has fears, some people fear spiders and snakes, and some fears may also even be triggered by anxiety like public speaking. These fears can be detrimental to your overall confidence and lead to societal malfunction.

However, some people manage to overcome their fears and have the ability to be happy every day despite the fears.
If you get an essay title that is about overcoming your fears, it may seem a bit scary, especially if you haven’t mastered the art of overcoming the fears. How can you successfully write it? Here are a few ways from expert writing team on how to write an essay about overcoming your fears:

Writing the introduction

The introduction to the essay is the most important part of it. The reason behind this is because the readers will either be captivated or turned off by the introduction. The introduction develops a first impression on the readers and helps them realize if it is worth it to continue reading on.

There are a few key factors that should be considered when writing this part of your essay. The first one being the length of the intro, if the intro is too long and the readers can’t easily scan through it, readers will lose interest in it. If there is no other option besides writing a longer introduction, you can break it up into two paragraphs maximum.

Another factor that should be considered in the context of the introduction is the context. The context should show the intention of the essay and not drift too much in unnecessary details. A brief introduction that captivates the eye of the reader will make them more attentive as they read on. Try to relate with the readers and make the introduction more understandable and that can be accomplished by considering the demographics of your audience.

Detail your fear

After writing a concise, straightforward introduction, you should get to the nitty-gritty of your fears. Explain everything in detail and make the reader feel and empathize with you and the fear you had. Start by explaining how the fear started or how you discovered it. Bring in specifics of the occurrence at this point, including the year you discovered and how it happened.

The ultimate goal here is to harness the emotions of the reader and make him want to go on. There is no need to censor yourself in this type of essay, because every detail you leave out, may have been the reason someone goes on reading it and liking it.

Perhaps if you feared snakes, you could write something like this, “I discovered my fear of snakes at my grandfather’s ranch while hunting for some deer. Right after taking my rifle, I heard a hissing sound, as I turned my head, I felt chills all around my body at the sight of a rattlesnake.” However, be sure not to include unnecessary details, so try to find the balancing point of writing important moving moments and extra information that’s not required.

Explain the day you overcame your fear

At this point, you must have grabbed the attention of the readers and they are complying with your writing style. Although this is true, don’t fall for the trap of being too relaxed or slacking off on writing quality captivating content.

Try and be detailed in this part also, by mentioning small parts of the day that led up to overcoming your fear. It is worthy to note, though, that this includes even the people that helped you overcome your fear. For example, if you overcome the fear of rollercoaster’s, these words can be used to add some detail to it:

“On the first week of summer camp out travel group decided to get loose and have some fun. Their desired destination was Six Flags and because there are so many fun things to do at that place, I wasn’t alarmed by anything. However, when we got there, my friend Peter bought us tickets for a rollercoaster ride and at first, I tried to deny politely. They persuaded me and I finally agreed to their absurd idea and when we got in the ride, I clutched my fists, breathing heavily it finally took off. The first turn was the most difficult, but when the rollercoaster turned again, I was more at ease.”

The details outlined above answer most of the questions that could possibly be asked by the reader. When your teacher reads through the essay and has no questions about it, you will be guaranteed to get good results.

The devil is in the details

As you may have recognized while reading the above, details are very important when you have the intention of connecting with your audience. Explaining your ordeal in great detail will incite emotions to the readers, making the essay more relatable to them. The details might also help a reader that has the same fear as the one you may have experienced.

It will make them realize that it is possible to overcome their fears, no matter how intense their phobia was. Although writing the details is important, you should be wary not to add unnecessary details. The whole essay must be on point and stick to the title at hand.

Stick to the word count, if there are more details on the essay and the word count exceeds a lot, try shortening it or omitting some less priority details.


Writing an essay that is so personal shouldn’t be too hard if you know to express yourself on paper. However, if you fall on the other group, the less creative that can’t express themselves, the details outlined above can help you a lot. Practicing is also very important. It will help the writer master his craft and develop his writing skills. As time goes on, these things will start to come naturally to him. Following the syntax outlined above, you can write a high-quality essay that will give you excellent grades from your English teacher.

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