How To Write A Summer Vacation Essay

How To Write A Summer Vacation Essay

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The writing creativity of people differs from expertise, personality, and personal backgrounds. In academic writing, the title of summer vacation essays is quite common and generic. However, to some students, it may be harder than others.

There is no research required for this type of essay because the only expectation is relaying the experiences of summer vacation. For those who don’t find it easy to do so, how can they write a summer vacation essay effectively? Here are a few tips from expert writers on how to write a summer vacation essay:

Brighten the Writing Tone

When writing a summer vacation essay, the tone should always be bright and positive because most vacations are filled with positive experiences. Expressing those experiences should be as equally as happy and satisfying as living them. Illustrations can be added on the essay to make it feel more alive and easily understandable.

Invoke the sensations of the readers and make the essay more appealing to them. Sharing what happened during the vacation you took in the summer in this manner will make the reader want to carry on reading. The moments you are most proud of should be especially enhanced in a bright and positive tone.

Describe Experiences in Detail

Details are everything when explaining personal experiences that need to be brought forward to the reader’s attention. That means details such as scents, sounds, and the atmosphere should also be cleverly mentioned in the essay. Draw a mental picture for the audience reading by describing the experiences in full detail.

The goal is depicting the vacation you had in an uncensored manner narrating the story from the first-hand encounter and taking the reader to the scene of what happened. You should feel the story before penning it down so try revisiting the places you went to and the activities you did. Immerse the reader on the feelings you experienced during the vacation. Our college essay writing service writers  may help you to complete it.

Structure the Essay Right away

Planning is key to everything and when it comes to essay writing, there are no exemptions. Writing an essay should come with a lot of detailed planning, which includes structuring the essay in an appealing way. The formation of the essay should be an intro that briefly tells the audience about the planning of that summer vacation.

Afterward, move on to the main body where you are expected to outline the main events of the summer vacation. Finally, write a brief conclusion that sums up your trip. Try to make the paragraphs of the essay around 5-6 and keep them as informative as possible.

Don’t Stress if there’s Nothing Interesting to Tell

If you didn’t have the extravagant summer you had always dreamt about, but instead, you were cooped up in bed, nowhere interesting don’t fret. Although you may not have much to talk about, a lot can be written from the goals and dreams you had for the vacation.

What can be done in this situation is to write every single detail about the travel dreams you had. However, write it in the narrative of that you were there enjoying the vacation. Be careful not to make it too perfect, rather keep it real and authentic for you to solicit belief from the readers. Keep in mind though that no one will ask where you went for the vacation so that can be used against her to get higher grades.

Use Past Tense

When writing an essay like this, some students can lose the trajectory of their paper and mix the tenses. Writing without direction like this can cause problems like low grades due to what can be defined as limited knowledge of English. Writing an essay is more than just putting words on a piece of paper; it is following a storyline.

Most importantly following the story you write will show that you took this task with great seriousness and importance. Giving it all on little tasks like these will unlock further responsibility on you. Once you are done with school that extra merit will factor in when you are in need of employment or college endorsement and scholarship. The key to all of this is sticking to one tense throughout the essay.

Narrate the Story to Make the Reader feel Like he Was There

Narration is also an important part of writing an essay if it isn’t narrated well, it might as well become a bore to your clients. To do this, don’t put in bits and pieces of info without linking them together. Drawing a mind map could help in this scenario because you will get to plan the writing strategy that will be used.

Above that, a mind map can help with making the story flow. The reason why is because there should be an entire picture and not a lot of different parts of the story scattered all around.

Proofread and Edit the Essay

One of the most important steps of writing a winning essay is ensuring that there are no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or other errors. Proofreading the essay yourself will help you realize if you need to add or omit anything else. Because of that, you should go twice through the same essay to ensure its beyond great.

Above proofreading your essay, you should ask a friend, family, or colleague you trust to objectively review it and give you honest feedback. That feedback will help you improve the writing skills you have. It is also recommended to use a grammar checker and a plagiarism checker.


Writing a summer vacation essay should be easy as ABC. However, there are some cases where some extra help is needed. In those cases, the guide outlined above that has the most important elements of writing an essay helps a lot.

By following this guide, a student would be putting himself one step closer to getting the future he deserves through education. Overall, it isn’t a task too hard to handle and you can do it and improve your grades.

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