Essay About Religion

Essay About Religion (Sample)

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Religion has been an integral part of humans ever since the early man learnt to survive and grow among adversity. Humans have grown their cultures and society based on the religious beliefs they have.

So what is religion, and why has it gained significance in human growth and development?

Is it a vital part of our life?

How beneficial is it to us?

This essay about religion is an effort to unravel the mystery of what, why, how and where religion gained its significance over the centuries.

Understanding Religion

Religion is a fusion of cultural methods, beliefs and global perspectives that connect humanity to the existential order.

In simple terms, religion is an effort to answer various questions about human origin. It tries to understand human presence on the earth and the meaning for their existence.

The above description may make you believe that religion is all about science and evolution. But there are numerous religious beliefs that have been proven false by science.

Religion may mean different things to the different people world over. But it has succeeded in providing a structure and ethical code. And most significantly it gives a purpose for our existence. Imagine a world without religion that people in various parts of the world follow.

Take a closer look at religion that people follow. You will find that every religion has its own unique symbols, sacred histories and narratives. The goal of all these is to find the answer to human existence.

Religions Around The World

Most religions have the following parts:

  • Organized behavior
  • Clergy
  • Holy scriptures and places
  • Specific rules to follow to be part of the religion
  • Teaches morality and ethics
  • Practicing certain sermons and rituals
  • Worshipping deity, goddesses or gods
  • Services related to matrimony, funeral, music, art, dance festivals and others

Although the religion followed by people differs, majority of people are religious. Some even follow more than one religion. Religion helps people gain a social identity and live together in harmony.

Religion: The Good And Bad

Religion is part of our day to day life. Thus it remains the reason behind the good and bad things that happen in our life. Many of the wars and destruction in history were done in the name of religion. The Middle East war, Crusades and others are fitting examples.

Religion can limit you to certain specific beliefs. It can restrict your freedom. And last but not least, religion believes in supernatural force and not on science. The belief in afterlife prevents people from enjoying a happy life when they are alive.

But religion has its good side too. Religion is responsible for several humanitarian works. People donate to charitable causes when they attend places of worship. Donating to religious causes gives people satisfaction.

Religion helps in forming social groups of people who share similar morals, values and goals. The rituals we follow provide comfort. It helps us face the hardships of life easily. Gathering at places of worship helps people in many ways. It is a chance for people in a community to see each other and socialize.

Does Religion Help Us?

Even if religion incites violence as seen by the various holy wars, it has the power to help us. Religious practices help in promoting well being in people. Religious belief discourages people from taking up bad habits. Children will not smoke or use drugs. They will attend school better. There is higher chance of children passing high school. This leads to better job prospects and lifestyle.

Adults also commit fewer illegal activities. Religion helps to restrict them from wrong doings. They will not have to depend on welfare or become unemployed. And further religious people donate more money for charities. And religious people are happy and satisfied. They believe that there is a reason behind every occurrence.

Religion Is Our Lifeline

As religion teaches us value and virtue, it serves as our moral police. It helps you

  • To follow rules
  • Respect others
  • Avoid lying, stealing and other illegal activities

Religion teaches that if you escape the law, god will punish you. This prevents you from breaking the law. Thus religion can help reduce violent conflict when you believe in religion and follow what it teaches you. This will help in forming a stable and peaceful society.


This essay about religion shows the powerful impact religion has one society. Although religion provides multiple benefits, there is much more it can achieve. Aiming for peace and loving other human beings is a good step towards a better world. Religion is a powerful tool that can help meet this goal. Instead of spreading hatred, the world will be a better place when we use religion to spread the message of peace.

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