Essay About Myself

Essay About Myself (Sample)

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When asked to write about an essay about myself, I did not know where to start. Should I talk about my studies? Or about my friends and family or who am I as a person? I decided to start with my studies as it is the easiest part to write.

I am a senior in high school. I am an average student with reasonably good grades because I am a hard worker. Math and Social science are my favorite subjects. I want to study economics when I go to university as I want to pursue professional studies in the subject. This is why my grades in those two subjects are often higher than the rest. English is another favorite of mine. I particularly like the literary club activities at my school. Even if I am not as good at it like in Math, I participate just for fun.

I am a friendly and easy going person. I have my own close knit group of friends at school. We hang out together often and have a great time. Once in a while we meet up to study too. But more often than not we listen to our favorite songs or do other cool activities. In the classroom, I am very quiet. I do not like drawing attention to myself and try my best to stay away from trouble.

I like observing people, their mannerisms and the way they walk, talk, etc. This keeps me occupied most of the time. I like drawing what I see. I have a sketch book that I always carry with me. Whenever I see something or someone interesting, I just draw in the book. I have quite a collection now. I am not a sports person. So I am not part of any of the sports groups in my school. However, I cheer on my friends who participate in athletic activities.

My friends at school also live nearby and are part of the same community as mine. So I get to spend time with them after school hours too. We have been going to the same school since my third grade. This is why my friends play a special role in my life.

They have their own quirks and we have been grounded many times for our mischief over the years. But they are a good lot and we share almost everything. Their friendship has given me courage to face many issues at school. There was the time when I was bullied by a girl in my fourth grade. My friends stepped up and supported me. I hate bullies and how they make me feel inferior and helpless. But I have overcome the feeling thanks to my friends.

My parents are both working. My mother is an elementary school teacher and my father works in a bank (This may be the reason for my interest in economics). They are strict and have set specific boundaries about my time with my friends and other activities. But they want me to be an independent person. And have always encouraged me to go after what I like. I am fortunate to have such caring and good parents. I try my best to not disappoint them even if they do not force their expectations on me.

My aim in life became clear after a recent incident in my life. My friend’s father lost his job due to a layover at the company he worked in. The economic slowdown has affected our community too. A few other people in my neighborhood too have lost their jobs. And they are finding it difficult to find new jobs. A few have moved due to the lack of jobs here. One of my close friends had to shift. Even though we keep in touch, it is still not the same as hanging out together everyday.

I feel sad for the people who have lost their jobs. I want to help such people by bringing about some changes. I have been thinking on it for some time. Maybe some new change to the present economy can bring an about face of the situation. I want to become an expert in the subject, so I can help make the changes needed to get rid of such job layovers. When I finish my economics studies, I want to create new policies and methods that will guarantee job security. With job security there will be less and less of such jobless people.

People would no longer have job insecurity and will be able to live a happy life. On a broader outlook, this can help my country and also the world at large. This would be my valuable contribution to the society. And I have my own selfish reason for doing it other than helping them and others like them. This way my friends would not move away, so I could be with them always.

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