How to Write Brave New World Essay

How to Write Brave New World Essay

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Being a literature student is not easy; there’s a need for clear analysis and understanding of the works that you read. The difficult part about being a literature student is the need to delve deep into the author’s mind and understand their thought process and way of thinking.

You need to understand the language patterns of both present and past. One of the common literary works that these students have to tackle is “A Brave New World.” Let’s examine this book together with our team of expert writers and how best a student can write an essay around it.

An Overview of the Book

A Brave New World was written by the author Aldous Huxley in the year 1931. It’s set in a dystopian future with genetically modified people who live in a society with an intelligence-based hierarchy.

There is more to the book than the short description provided. People that have read the book always have the same feedback – it’s captivating.

The themes, such as promiscuity, might not be okay for some, but the overall story keeps you reading chapter after chapter. This should be great news for you because you’ll be able to read the book at least.

With that said, writing an essay regarding the book can still be a challenging task. Let’s walk you through on what you can focus on while writing your essay.

Before You Begin

You need to remember that as a literature student, your job is to analyze and summarize. This should also be shown in your essay.

Don’t make the essay one big summary of the book. Instead, make it an analysis of what the story is about and its significance overall. You’ll know that the essay is done right when your brave new world essay prompts readers to know more.

To make sure that you stay on course, you’re going to need to have a Thesis statement. The statement performs a dual role; it helps the reader understand what the essay is about and also helps you to remember what the essay is about as you write it. It keeps your essay concise and avoids you from going astray from the main point.

To make it easier for you when analyzing the book, it’s best that you focus on the different aspects of the story. It could be the themes, characters, or any other aspect that you consider important.

Focus on the Theme

One aspect you can focus on while writing your essays is the theme of the novel. The novel cuts across many different themes. One of the many brave new world essay topics is “individual freedom at the expense of stability and community.”

The government in this literary work of art has a motto “Community, Identity and Stability.” People are made to conform to a certain way of life and a certain way of thinking, a sort of hive mind scenario.

This gets challenged by the protagonist of the story as he seeks individual expression. You can explore this theme in your essay in detail. Put this in question format to help you delve deeper.

For instance,

  • “Should community stability be prioritized over individual freedoms?”
  • “Should the government be allowed full control over its people if it means stability and happiness?”

Examine the Characters

You can also examine the characters within the story for your essay. Examine the characters in terms of their traits, motivations, and background within the story. Also, have a look at their development and how they grew as the story progresses.

It’s always advised to focus on one character to help your essay be more coherent. With that said, you can also include other characters in your essay, but they have to be in relation to the main character.

These supporting characters should have played a role in the story of your character of choice for them to be included.

Make the Essay Interesting

The final thing you need to do is make sure that your essay is interesting. You need to keep your reader in mind at all times while writing the essay. In this scenario, your reader is the teacher.

Considering that your lecturer has plenty of essays to read, here’s what you should do to make your essay stand out:

1. Make Your Format Interesting

This depends on the instructions provided by your teacher. If an essay format has already been provided, then stick to it and don’t deviate from it. If no format has been provided, then be creative.

Before you begin, make sure that your instructor is okay with it first. You don’t need to write a basic style essay. Your brave new world essay outline could be in the form of an interview or a letter from one of the citizens. The options are close to limitless.

2. Choose a Different topic from the norm

You might want to not go for the obvious when picking your thesis statement. It’s guaranteed that most students in the class will also be writing the same one. Try picking an obscure topic different from the norm.

The only qualifying criteria for your topic is that it should have supporting evidence from the book. Don’t choose a topic too obscure that you have to work too hard to find supporting text.

3. Add some extra background work

You can also read beyond the novel. Read other works/novels from the same author and see how it compares to the novel. The information you get could allow you to write a great brave new world essay introduction.

Reading beyond what was prescribed could give you more insight than other students. You can take it a step further and read some critics about the novel to help get a better understanding of other people’s thoughts on the novel.


Use this list as a starting point and as a yardstick to guide you. The Brave New World essay has a lot of themes and characters that you can explore. It’s truly a captivating book. You can find a lot to write about once you’re done with the book.

Remember, pick a theme/character, then analyze and explain the concept to the reader. Don’t just summarize the novel.

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