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Research Paper Topics to Inspire You to Write

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At, we noticed a common issue for students who struggle with their research papers: they don’t know what topic to choose. Today, we’ll help you choose your topic!

Why Are Research Paper Topics Important?

Good research paper topics inspire you to start writing right away. First of all, they inspire you to research. You get so excited about the topic that you don’t even stress out about completing the paper. Your professors rarely assign precise topics for research papers. They just give you a broad theme and general guidelines that you have to narrow down.

The topic practically determines the overall success of your research paper. That’s how important it is. It should be inspiring to you, but to the reader as well. All these expectations are too much, right? We’ll help you deal with them.

Research Paper Topic Examples

We’ll provide a list of topics in few categories, so you’ll easily find one you can use.

  • Psychology Research Paper Topics
  1. How technology affects modern-day communication
  2. The effect of texting on teenagers’ psychology
  3. How political ads affect voting decisions
  4. Psychological issues that lead to binge drinking
  5. The effect of imposed body image standards to plastic surgery trends
  6. Is cyber-bullying as serious as face-to-face bullying?
  7. Reasons for drug usage in the US military
  • Literature Research Paper Topics
  1. How Elizabethan era influenced Shakespeare’s work
  2. Similarities between the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Bible
  3. The motif of violence in English Reformation drama
  4. How Harry Potter affected modern storytelling
  5. Similarities and differences between Madame Bovary and Anna Karenina
  6. Death penalty in Dostoevsky’s work
  7. Homosexuality in American literature
  • History Research Paper Topics
  1. Social differences in 15th-century London
  2. How slavery affected the development of the Western world
  3. Consequences of the Cold War
  4. The effect of medieval family laws on modern society
  5. Origins of Al-Qaeda
  6. Origins of Greek life in universities
  7. Origins of discrimination of the black people in America
  • Sociology Research Paper Topics
  1. Reasons for gender discrimination at the workplace
  2. Race relations in New York
  3. Effects of immigration on modern-day American society
  4. Freedom of religious expression in modern-day USA
  5. Is higher education necessary for society’s development?
  6. How AIDS impacts social norms in USA
  7. Portrait of the average American family
  • Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics
  1. How governments fight bioterrorism
  2. Sex slavery in the USA
  3. Do harsher punishments lead to fewer convictions?
  4. Does the public have the right to access sex offender registries?
  5. Do paparazzi have the right to follow celebrities?
  6. Prostitution laws in the USA
  7. Alternative sentencing vs. building prisons
  • Sports Research Paper Topics
  1. Security issues for young people playing American football
  2. Safety concerns for street basketball
  3. Should colleges pay their athletes?
  4. Common injuries in hockey
  5. What does it take for an average person to compete in a marathon?
  6. History of American football
  7. Conditioning practices for the sport of fencing
  • Cyber Security Research Paper Topics
  1. Latest trends in IT security
  2. Ways to fight cyberbullying
  3. Freedom of speech vs. online hate talk
  4. Can we stop spam emails?
  5. How Facebook invades our privacy
  6. How modern-day computer viruses affect our computers
  7. Latest methods of stealing identity through the Internet
  • English Research Paper Topics
  1. How Twitter slang affects students’ vocabulary skills
  2. Is essay writing necessary?
  3. Why English is the official language in the USA
  4. Gender roles in English 19th century literature
  5. Gothic genre in English literature
  6. How Internet slang affects the English language
  7. Should we use slang in casual speech?
  • Nursing Research Paper Topics
  1. Origins of nursing
  2. The role of the nurse in cancer treatment
  3. Does alternative medicine deserve appreciation?
  4. Are food manufacturers killing people with antibiotics?
  5. How fast food affects children’s health
  6. New strategies for coma recovery
  7. Symptoms of schizophrenia
  • Chemistry Research Paper Topics
  1. Latest trends in stem cell research
  2. How alchemy affected modern-day chemistry
  3. Forensic science technology
  4. Is nuclear energy too dangerous to use?
  5. The effects of psychoactive drugs on the nervous system
  6. The role of uranium isotopes in modern science
  7. Potential solutions for toxic waste disposal
  • Biology Research Paper Topics
  1. Evolutionary factors that determine the response of ecosystems to changing environment
  2. Ocean pollution: causes and concerns
  3. How people affect climate change
  4. Effects of global warming
  5. Can we reverse the effects of global warming?
  6. Causes of endangered species
  7. How to save the endangered species
  • Accounting Research Paper Topics
  1. How excessive taxing affects social order
  2. Flat vs. progressive taxing
  3. Is progressive taxing fair?
  4. Are the punishments for tax evasion too severe?
  5. The evolution of compensation systems
  6. The ethics of tax evasion
  7. The history of accounting in the Middle East
  • Political Science Research Paper Topics
  1. Governmental support for veterans: problems and solutions
  2. How U.S. policies affect terrorism practices
  3. Voters’ right to know vs. politicians’ right to privacy protection
  4. Political reasons behind the fall of USSR
  5. Should we control religious expression in public?
  6. Why don’t independent candidates win presidential elections?
  7. Potential solutions of world hunger
  • Technology Research Paper Topics
  1. Racial and gender stereotypes in IT employments
  2. The potential of computer imitation of a human
  3. How cell phones changed our social standards
  4. The access to truthful and reliable information in the Information Age
  5. Should all people know how to use technology?
  6. Misconceptions about the dark web
  7. Copyright issues in online content
  • Economics Research Paper Topics
  1. How online advertising is affecting today’s economy
  2. Budget deficits and deficit spending during Barack Obama’s presidency
  3. Is Capitalism the best economic system?
  4. The benefits and drawbacks of free market economy
  5. The benefits and drawbacks of collectivism
  6. The Maquiladora industry: issues and concerns
  7. Why and how the U.S. abandoned the gold standard
  • Religion Research Paper Topics
  1. Birth control and Christian beliefs
  2. Does religion lead to discrimination?
  3. Can the Bible be studied as literature without religious significance?
  4. Are you practicing Hinduism when you practice yoga?
  5. Prayer in schools: religious right vs. religious control
  6. The role of the parents in the development of their children’s beliefs
  7. Does Christianity justify children’s suffering?
  • Business Research Paper Topics
  1. How small businesses deal with high taxes
  2. The evolution of business leadership
  3. How Millennials are changing modern work environments
  4. The importance of teamwork for a healthy office culture
  5. Workplace conflict resolution techniques
  6. Modern corporations and financial crime
  7. Modern-day workplace discrimination
  • Philosophy Research Paper Topics
  1. Why aren’t modern-day college students interested in philosophy?
  2. The origins of religion
  3. Kierkegaard’s view of the crisis of modernity
  4. Ancient Philosophy: Socrates
  5. What causes soul beliefs?
  6. How soul beliefs affected the development of modern-day society
  7. The science behind the concept of mindfulness

As always, XpertWriters helps you start writing. Did you choose your topic?

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