If I Were A Scientist

If I Were A Scientist (Essay Sample)

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Writing an essay with the title “If I were a scientist” can be quite an abstract task to do and can be complicated at times. However, if you are familiar with science and have goals that are headed towards a scientific career, it won’t be that hard. The way you aim this essay would also be relevant to the type of science you are pursuing and your understanding of it. It is a bold title that wants your direct opinion and for you to express your innermost feelings. Your projection should be uncensored and have a unique voice and tone to it. Drawing a mind map on points you would like to outline can be very important also in this case. Here is an example written by our expert writing team:

The urge to know the truth about different elements concerning human life, animals, Earth and the entire universe courses through the veins of scientists. The research that has been conducted over the past few years has explored certain subjects that have impacted society in different ways.

There are certain groups of people that believe that science is the answer to find solace in the knowledge that progressively becomes available. There has been progress in healthcare systems and the accessibility of education through scientific research. However, on the other hand, some people have blamed science and labeled it as the cause of human suffering.

This, in some cases, is true as there are certain scientific practices that have caused unemployment, development of weapons of mass destruction and other poorly applied science practices. These cases have been the cause of prolonged arguments and debates about the justification of the goodness of science and the negativity of its badness.

However, science doesn’t stand by to listen and be slowed down by any of those comments; instead, it continues to take steps towards making this world a better place. If I were a scientist, my foremost goal would be making the footprint of wrongly applied science very limited. For those that have been already dispersed and continue wreaking havoc, I would work towards solutions on making them less dangerous or not at all.

As a result, I unapologetically say my goal is being a scientist, but not any scientist, rather a scientist with a difference. The field of science that has taken captive of me is pure science, due to its continual search for the truth and discoveries of mysteries. Pure science has uncovered important facts about the human race and its surroundings.

The reason why pure science was a logical decision is that I hate the ignorance of not being mindful about one’s self. The reality is that most people existing in this modern world aren’t informed about the realities of life. It is science that brought the truth out about these essential facts and that’s just a small piece of what has been accomplished by science. Being a part of that would be a real privilege for me and having the first-hand experience would broaden my horizons and scientific understanding.

That understanding would enable me to apply industry best practices and show love for this planet and the residents that dwell in it. Through harnessing the powers of nature and using it to the benefit of humans and other living organisms, a lot more can be accomplished. The research that may seem too far out of our reach goes a long way and ends up affecting our everyday life.

The difference I would make would be secluding myself from powerful corporate and industrial companies that try to take over science for their selfish gain. These entities try to buy the developments of scientists and use for purposes that may not be good for the population at large. Deriving profit and more power, they desire to pursue more power and they use factors such as money and fame to entice good scientists to take the wrong path. Steering away from these temptations would be my first and foremost goal in this industry and I’ll devote myself to science alone.

Coming to the governmental power play, during the Second World War, the Germans, Russians, English, Americans and the Japanese used science to reach their own ulterior objectives. I would vow for science before what my government would describe as a patriotic duty. Doing so with the belief that I am nature before I am a citizen of a particular government. My sole purpose would be focusing on science despite my financial situation, prejudice, or other social injustice.

Extremist organizations are also continually recruiting and may be in need of scientists to be in their employ and develop dangerous weapons for them. No matter how much I may agree with their personal opinions deep inside me, I would not use science to aid them in accomplishing their mission.

The ultimate goal is outright independence from any power play, be it selfish company gain, from powerful governmental gain or from extremist organizations. The purposes outlined above may seem superficial or unreachable, but I believe I would have the necessary determination and devotion to the cause. Restoring dignity in science and shedding some good light on it would help regular citizens recognize how much it affects them.

The measures outlined above to restore the dignity of science will also serve as proof that there are good scientists that are loyal to chaste science practices. Science is the tip of the spear of everything we see, feel and hear in this modern world. The meaning of this is that it has enormous influential power over people, be it negative or positive.

Science has great power and it is innocent in its nature and unadulterated by any third force, but it is a pure, unique and non-human force. The possibilities are endless with science. There is always something to learn, redefine and better understand. With all that power, it still is neutral and calm, but it is only human that can determine whether it stays so.

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